imgYour one-stop solution for oilfield waste disposal in the Bakken.


Our Mission

At Hydroil Solutions, It is our mission to provide an environmentally responsible method for permanently disposing of oilfield waste in order to benefit the planet, the oil and gas industry, and our local community. By reducing the amount of radioactive waste exposed to the environment, Hydroil Solutions assists energy producers to minimize their carbon footprint, lowering the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Currently, the oil and gas industry relies on neighboring states to continue oil and gas exploration and production. North Dakota law does not allow radioactive waste above certain limits to be stored in surface landfills and must be hauled hundreds of miles away.

Our process eliminates this vulnerability and ensures North Dakota's oil and gas production autonomy. Removing hazardous materials from the biosphere, providing long-term employment, and direct community involvement are just a few ways Hydroil Solutions benefits the local population.

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